Yanga Duma, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

UWC boosts township entrepreneur

News24 and City Vision featured an article on township business owner Yanga Duma, who received valuable support from the UWC Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Yanga Duma is a small business owner living in Kuils River. He was one of 1000 business owners who attended the two-day course offered by the UWC Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Although his business is still in its infant stage it has a slow-growing client base in Khayelitsha and Gugulethu.

“It was an intense two-day business strategy course, but an amazing learning opportunity for me. It helped me build on my vision for If Insurance and made me realise that I have gained a strong educational and business background in personal and business banking while at one of South Africa’s biggest banks. It made me confident and this, I was told, will help set me apart. He started his business in August 2015 when he saw the financial impact death has had on his own family when his father and sister passed away within a short space of time.

“We struggled to afford it, because funeral insurance is way too overpriced. Those left behind are battling. In traditionally African families a funeral can cost up to R50 000,” said Duma.

“Being around other entrepreneurs taught me there is a large number of South Africans who can’t afford funeral insurance and generally many funeral insurance companies don’t cover all the services families need during their time of grief.”

“I learned that there are many other individuals like me who wants to make a difference to South Africa’s economy by not only creating a successful small business, but help build employment and future leaders who can help grow more businesses in the country.”

Source: News24


712 thoughts on “UWC boosts township entrepreneur”

  1. Ncedo Xwangu

    I wish I can be part of the group this year am also have a small business in Khayelitsha

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