Training 150 SMMEs across the WC Province

CEI just concluded another Emerging Business Support Programme with 150 SMMEs. This was in partnership with the Western Cape Government’s Department of Economic Development and Tourism. We trained and supported business owners in the Cape Metropole, Saldanha Bay – West Coast Municipality, Mossel Bay – Eden Municipality and in Grabouw – Overberg Municipality.

. We trained a total of 150 SMMEs over the period

  • 78 SMMEs trained in the Cape Metropole (target 75)
  • 17 SMMEs trained in the West Coast District Municipality (target 25)
  • 19 SMMEs trained in the Overberg District Municipality (target 25)
  • 36 SMMEs trained in the Eden District Municipality (target 25)

Participants completed evaluation and feedback forms at the end of each of the 4-Days and were unanimous that the training had a huge impact on them as business owners and how they will improve and they run their businesses. Here is a sample of comments by participants:

The course increased my skill in developing frameworks to make my company run smoother I now understand my business better and am more aware on how to use my resources
▪          It helped me to be better equipped with better strategies I am walking away with so much. It was thought-provoking, exciting and inspirational
▪          We can now identify our competitive advantage and build on it I got greater clarity on the glaring gaps in my business
I have learnt about processes that need to be in place to make my business successful Very informative. I have a better understanding on why HR policies are so important
Highlighted the need for projections, forecasting and to know where my business is heading I am expecting a huge change in my business, expecting business growth