CEI and Master Builders Association Western Cape graduate Class of 2021

The programme is sponsored by the Master Builders Association Western Cape (MBAWC) and includes the Building Industry Bargaining Council as a key partner,and it graduated its second group of emerging and established entrepreneurs who are active in various disciplines including plumbing,brickwork,plastering and waterproofing.The programme consists of five components: running an efficient project;human resources and legalities;health and safety;contractual and legal requirements;and pricing and claims.

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) collaborated with the CEI to assist with the design and development of an interactive online environment,enabling the sharing and distribution of related course material used within the training programme.In addition,the participants were added to the online environment and familiarised with the effective use of the platform during an online orientation session.

During the session,participants could navigate the online environment and engage in live lectures and online materials.This support was provided prior to and during the delivery of the 23-week online course.

“We are excited to see the effective use and implementation of various eTools for the online delivery of this course’,said by Dr Juliet Stoltenkamp,CIECT Director.

In 2018 it was felt that a training programme such as the Entrepreneurship for Contractors Development Programme offered by the CEI would be well placed to serve the building and construction sector.Tony Keel,John Mathews and Allen Bodill from the MBAWC,and Manie Regal of UWC, were instrumental in guiding the process.

Plans are in place to deliver a third training programme in 2022,as the industry needs support,especially for emerging contractors.One of the well received programme components,pricing and claims,specifically covers the various industry agreements and contracts fundamental to upholding best business practice.

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Wendy Mehl at cei@uwc.ac.za

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