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UWC Short Story: Ashley Uys (VIDEO)

Ashley Uys, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation features Medical Diagnostech founder and proud UWC alumni Ashley Uys in the latest episode of UWC Short Story.

From the streets of Belhar and the labs at UWC, Ashley created a pathway to entrepreneurship success in the field of science.

Ashley Uys founded his three companies at a young age – Real World Diagnostics in 2006, Medical Diagnostech in 2010 and OculusID in 2013.

Medical Diagnostech specialises in the development and manufacturing of lateral flow rapid diagnostic kits used to test for drugs, HIV and pregnancy, among other applications (‘lateral flow’ refers to lateral flow immunoassays, the laboratory technique that is at the heart of the development of the test kits).

He started his journey shortly after completing his B.Sc and B.Sc Honours degrees at the University of the Western Cape.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation chatted to this proud UWC alumni to find out more about his journey from student to entrepreneur.

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