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Swiss business expert to coach SA entrepreneurs

Swiss SA Workshop, CEI

Struggling with your new business idea? Then you need to attend the Swiss SA Workshop’s Shape Growth hosted by Thomas Wittig.

Session Title:
Shape Growth!

Sub Title:
An engaging, interactive presentation and workshop session with Thomas Wittig.

Free of charge:
Registration is required.

There is no shortage of great ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. In fact, we are seeing a new boom in startup and innovation on a commercial level, in social enterprise and in the public sector.

But the too many projects struggle and fail: 90% of startups struggle and many fail. As a result, a vicious loop which involves low project performance, erosion of trust, reduced investment and growth sets in.

But even with great talent and technology many projects collapse.
Why? And what can be done?

In this interactive talk and workshop briefing Thomas Wittig is exploring the elements of growth, the dynamics of change and adoption and give pragmatic advice to inventors, investors and project leaders.

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