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Procurement programme gets great review

CEI features in the Tygerburger newspaper

The Centre of Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s first Supplier Development Programme received a great review in the Tygerburger newspaper.

The feature focused on the CEI’s mission to help small businesses develop the necessary skills to get and retain government tenders.

One of the CEI’s fellowship members, Tusk Events Management owner Celeste Gaskin, was also interviewed by the Tygerburger. She explained how the programme has helped her.

“Our business is 12 years old and we are still learning the new tricks of the trade. The programme has taught us various ways of saving money and using online tools,” said Gaskin.

Brookes Metal Industry owner Raymond Brookes also explained how his computer literacy skills and knowledge improved thanks to the programme.

The review featured in the Bellville, Durbanville and Kuils River issues of the Tygerburger newspaper and was published on 9 July 2014.

Click here to view the Bellville version.

Click here to view the Durbanville version.

Click here to view the Kuils River version.

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