ABSA, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ABSA is committed to addressing the unemployment and poverty challenges faced by many South Africans. With over 12 million South Africans reliant on small and medium-sized businesses for their livelihoods, more focus needs to be placed on the growth and development of these businesses.

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LaunchLab sees a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Africa where the members learn, share and grow to achieve excellence through focus. The ecosystem grows by giving back to those inside and outside the ecosystem and in so doing, attracts new members.

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Koi Strategy, CEI

The Idea Workshop is a fast-paced, interactive three-day workshop that will teach you the KoiCreate methodology used by top startups to accelerate their business at every stage of the growth cycle.

Neil Hinrichsen has cofounded two companies that were both acquired including a mobile payments company acquired by Visa for $110m.  He now mentors some of the top startups in South Africa.

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city of ct

Cape Town is a business-friendly destination that prioritises an enabling environment for
entrepreneurship and business growth. While different services exist within the City of Cape Town, there are also support organisations that provide services to people who are either doing business or wanting to start a business in the city.

The City’s Small Business Support office, established to promote entrepreneurship and business-driven job placements, helps business people find the most appropriate support organisation and/or programme from a network of over 90 business development organisations (including financiers) in Cape Town. The value of this service is that it prevents entrepreneurs from wasting energy, money and time approaching the wrong support organisations and service providers or paying for services that are sometimes freely available or partly subsidised.

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The Entrepreneurship Spring School campaign is a UWC post-grad student-focused entrepreneur workshop, which is aimed at developing academics in the field of entrepreneurship. This will help post-grad students identify entrepreneurship opportunities and give them the necessary skills and tools to start and grow a business.

The workshop will be managed by Christoff Oosthuysen, who is focused on increasing ‘flow experiences’ in the workplace. Here he helps customers from corporations, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to find meaning in their work so that they can achieve their personal goals and contribute effectively to the objectives of the organisations they work in.

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